About Edible Edits

Who's Behind Edible Edits?

Colleen Wysocki-Woods, MS, RDN runs Edible Edits, a proofreading & editing service for RDs, healthcare professionals, and nutrition students. Colleen is an editor and dietitian with over 15 years of professional experience in writing. Clients benefit by having an expert in their field edit their work quickly & accurately. Read more about Colleen’s experience below.

Edible Edits operates under ZEST Nutrition, LLC. 

Our Mission

To help healthcare professionals present their best writing while saving them time to focus on what’s important- their clients, their business, their research. 

Hiring a professional can seem expensive and intimidating. Edible Edits makes it their mission to remove these roadblocks by providing easy options to get a quote & submit work, receive edits, and afford the services all remotely. 

Colleen believes in the idea that entrepreneurs should support other entrepreneurs. 

What We Do

To make it as easy as possible for clients, we offer proofreading services based on number of pages starting at $25. 

Editing requires a quote, but can be provided in as little as 48 hours. 

Read about the difference between proofreading and editing on our Services page. 

We also offer content ideas to help alleviate writer’s block for those blogging or pitching articles on a regular basis. 

Our History

Previously a writer/editor for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and academia, owner Colleen Wysocki-Woods followed her passion to become a Registered Dietitian and transferred her skills to writing about nutrition. She started ZEST Nutrition originally as a virtual private practice and then extended it to Edible Edits. Colleen is a HARO contributorblogger, and editor for the healthcare industry and works for WIC full-time.

Colleen’s been quoted in food & lifestyle publications such as FoodNetwork.comMyFitnessPal, Verywell Health, ThrillistPopSugar, & Yahoo! Lifestyle as well as over 3,800 local news outlets

Colleen's work has appeared in publications such as:

Our Simple Process

1. Request a Quote

Complete our form and (optionally) attach your project to get a quote. 

2. Accept Quote & Terms

A quote and Services Agreement will be emailed to you. Simply return the signed Services Agreement and email it back.

3. Submit Project

If you didn’t submit your project when you requested a quote, you can submit it using the document upload portal, email it, or share it from a cloud-based service provider like Google Docs or OneDrive.

4. Receive Edits Back

You’ll receive your edits back based on the terms of the agreement. If you agreed to the preferred Microsoft Track Changes editing format, you’ll be able to see the edits and accept them with the click of a button.

(If the client requests another format, edits’ visibility and acceptance of them may vary.)

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Why Choose Us?

We won’t leave you hanging! Quotes are provided as quickly as possible to help you decide on your project’s next steps. We strive for 48 hour quotes, but more complex requests may take a bit longer. 

Edible Edits offers flexibility when it comes to submitting your project and receiving your edits back. We can adapt to the various word processing, design, and collaboration programs that you may have created your project in. From Microsoft Word’s Track Changes to Google Docs, from Adobe comments to paper and red ink, we’ve done it all for our clients! 

As an entrepreneur and an RD, I understand how valuable your time is. Proofreading submissions 12 pages and under are usually completed within 24 hours. 

Edible Edits offers a simple, one-off proofreading service starting at $25 (price increase with number of pages). 

For heavier editing needs, clients can request a quote to match our packaged services or to match their specific needs.

Ongoing editing services can be provided at a monthly all-inclusive rate.

Colleen is the owner of Edible Edits. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a BS in Communications who returned to graduate school first to be an English teacher, and then to become an RDN. She holds an MS in Food Science & Human Nutrition from Colorado State University where she taught a culinary course to up-and-coming RDs. Colleen has worked as a dietitian in a variety of community and business fields, including her own private practice. 

Colleen is the owner of ZEST Nutrition, LLC doing business as Edible Edits and has extensive experience and education in writing, editing, and proofreading for corporate, academia, non-profits, and the health care community. She managed the writing process for Fortune 500 sales proposals, and then turned her writing efforts towards a charity for kids in Canada. She has done freelance writing as well as editing for academic books. Colleen now provides proofreading and editing services for RD writers, healthcare authors, and nutrition students while working full-time as an RDN.